• Musical Ladder


Musical Ladder is a professionally proven system to get students excited and motivated on their musical journey. Through the program, students will receive personalized music lesson and tests every three months. They will then be rewarded with a cool wristband and certificate for their level of achievement. At certain levels, students will get trophies. Our learning methods promotes progress and encourages students in every step of learning. This system is being widely used by music schools across the Canada and the US. It no doubt, has gained trust from many parents and schools that it does inspire students to practice more and enhance their love towards music.


We understand that students’ learning progress is the major concern for every parents. We discuss progress with parents and they can even log into the parent portal of the “Musical Ladder System” to keep track of their child’s learning through seeing when the next test, recitals are scheduled. Parents can also send notes to our instructors. 

If you want your child to be immersed music and get motivated, Musical Ladder would be your best choice.

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