• YouthMax Leadership Program


Our YouthMax Leadership program inspires and equips students to value themselves and others by developing and maintaining a positive self-image while showing compassion to others. 

  Through engaging in interactive sessions, children learn to be a positive influence to their family, teacher and their peers. We groom students to develop a positive self- image through self- respect. We provide youth with facts about failure, guidance on how to fail correctly, and more importantly how to succeed after failure.


We are equipped with a certified John Maxwell coach, mentor, teacher and speaker Jolander Headley our President & CEO who focuses on youth development. Our youth leadership modules are based on the stellar YouthMax program with practical, applicable ideas and concepts. The training is designed to enrich their attitude, rekindle determination to succeed, and expand self- confidence. Students often struggle with identity, fear of failure, bullying, and a need for strong personal character. Our experienced YouthMax mentor provides an opportunity to serve communities by helping young people grow and develop to meet the challenges in today’s changing world.

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